Electronic Diagnostics

Electronic Diagnostics from Abbott and Son Car Sales

Diagnostics specialists in Brighton, East Sussex

Modern cars use computer control or Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for their engine management systems and due to the increased level of sophistication of the fuel injected car, the days of DIY 'tuning' are no longer with us. If your engine management warning light comes on or your car starts to run badly, it's important to get the car checked out straight away.

Call us now to book your diagnostic check and we can use our advanced technology to find the fault as soon as possible in order to avoid you costly bills.

We will carry out a basic inspection and check of the car's service records, check for any fault codes in the ECU and take measurements from the engine sensors. At this point we will contact you to discuss our findings. Some service centres insist on minimum or fixed charges for diagnostic work but our process usually takes around an hour of labour time and that is all you will be charged for.

We will always keep you informed while your car is with us and will never carry out work without checking with you first.